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Sirens Food Hacks

Words, Video & Photography by Sarah Prikryl  

Happy New Year!! In 2017, we want to inspire you to go have adventures, make some art, be present, instigate friend gatherings and always play with your food! To kick off the year, I’m sharing my most used Food Hacks to encourage you to cook up some fun. I hope this helpful video series saves you time in the kitchen and brightens your day!

One of my favorite painters is Giuseppe Arcimboldo. His playful still life portraits predominately feature the close relationship between humans and nature. As a true believer in the magic found in the ordinary, Arcimboldo’s paintings inspire me to dream big in the kitchen. So without further ado, here’s my Arcimboldo-inspired love story and my Top 5 Food Hacks for some foodie fun!  (Click the arrow for some inspiration.)


Sirens Lettuce Hack

The fastest and healthiest meal you can throw together is a savory and delicious salad. Did you know you can core a head of lettuce in about 3 seconds? Click the arrow to watch our Lettuce Hack Video:

Sirens Onion Hack

(Click the arrow to watch our Onion Hack Video.)

The kitchen question I am most frequently asked is: how in the world do you cut an onion without crying? There are a lot of remedies you can try~

  1. wear swim goggles
  2. freeze the onion before cutting
  3. chew gum

BUT, the number 1 always successful HOT TIP to avoid that red eye weeping…drum roll, please…cut the root out of the onion and discard quickly before slicing the onion into pieces. (See image below.) The root releases a liquid once cut that is the culprit for all those tear-stained cheeks. You’re welcome!

Sirens Food Hack: De-stem Your Herbs

If you look at my savory recipes (click to peruse our recipe section: HERE), many of them call for fresh herbs. Fresh organic herbs will always send a dish’s flavor profile over the moon! For the fastest way to de-stem your herbs, hold the stem in one hand. With your other hand, pinch your fingers down the stem, away from the grain, towards the root.

Click the arrow to watch our Herb Hack Video:

Ricing Cauliflower

My ricing cauliflower article was the first food-related article we ever published and I use these tips again and again. From substituting cauliflower for rice to making Cauliflower Pizza Crust or an Egg-in-a-Hole brunch dish, these hot tips can help you make this easy, healthy, delicious grain substitute. Click the article for my top tips for Ricing Cauliflower: HERE.

Sirens Garlic Hack

My Korean, Czech and Texas roots have engrained in me the need to use garlic in almost every savory dish I make. It can be very time consuming to peel those little cloves clean. There are two ways I like to peel garlic. If I need a clove or two, I place the flat side of the blade of a large knife over a clove and pound down with the butt of my hand. After they are crushed, the peel easily falls off and they are halfway to being already minced. I finish off mincing the garlic with the knife.

If I am going to use a lot of garlic, I like to peel the entire bulb at one time and this is the easiest and most fun way to do it! Click on the arrow to watch my Garlic Hack Video:

Happy feasting, all you sirens & scoundrels! BON APPÉTIT!!

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© 2017 Sirens and Scoundrels

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