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Summer Breeze

Words & Original Cocktail Recipe by Richard Swan // Photography by Sarah Prikryl 

Make no mistake, people: Summer is upon us and it’s time we started acting like it.

There seems to be little to argue on the merits of the ‘Spritz’ as the ultimate Summertime drink. It hits all the marks – cold, refreshing, versatile. All importantly: it is a ‘low ABV’* beverage, meaning you can enjoy them at length without needing a midday snooze as the pool party carries on without you…I call it a ‘cruise control’ drink.

The ‘Summer Breeze’ aims to hit these marks while combining two wondrous ingredients: the affable and ubiquitous LaCroix Coconut (the suntan lotion one) and the stunning Cocchi Americano Apertif. Cocchi is yet another Italian import made from grapes and sunshine and everything nice – and it is right at home in this combination.

To say this cocktail is simple to make would be an understatement.



1 can LaCroix Coconut

1.5 oz Cocchi Americano

1 Lemon Peel

1 Lemon Wheel


Combine ingredients over cracked ice and stir thoroughly.

Express the oils of the lemon peel over the drink.

Drop in the lemon wheel.

Embark for Kokomo.


You can even eschew glass (wise for poolside hangs) and build the cocktail directly in the can. Simply pour 2 oz of La Croix out and pour in the Cocchi Americano. Drop the Lemon Peel in and keep the can on ice!

*(low alcohol by volume)

For more delicious summer whistle wetters, check out Richard’s updated twist on the classic Negroni…the Antīc Ferari: HERE. Happy Summering!! xoxo, Sirens & Scoundrels  

Richard is a first generation American, musician, gear head and cat dad. LA serves as his home base while he travels the country designing cocktail programs for events and venues as National Beverage Director for Follow his travels at @formulaswan.

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© 2017 Sirens and Scoundrels // Cocktail Recipe © 2017 Richard Swan

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