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Yacht Rock Spritzer ~ Your Last Days of Summer Playlist!

Words & Playlist by Christina Huntington // Photography by Sarah Prikryl & Becca Murray // vintage photos subject to copyright

LA folks know that as September dawns and kids across America begin to break out their sweaters to head back to school…our So Cal Summer is only JUST getting started. With Mother Nature turning up the heat on us from September deep into October and the Pacific Ocean just finally warm enough to swim in, our real California beach days are only now upon us. To accompany our sun-soaked cruise through the final fireworks of Summer while setting our sails towards the cozy days of Fall, we present you with our “Yacht Rock Spritzer” playlist for some soft aural seduction.

For So Cal natives, Yacht Rock is an institution. Memories of the many Dads of LA cranking The Doobie Brothers, Michael McDonald and Steely Dan while winding over Kanan on the way out to a Malibu beach day or headed down PCH to visit their mustachioed eternal bachelor friend who lived on his boat in the Marina are part of our Collective Unconscious. As much a part of LA as the Hollywood sign.

Over the years, Yacht Rock has become venerated well beyond our Southern California borders. An entire rating system has been devised to determine whether a song can be considered “Yacht Rock” (or if not, “Nyacht Rock”) based on a series of strict parameters. (Were the musicians based in Southern California? Was the song released between 1976-1984? Did the bands come from a jazz background? Find out more about the Yachtsie Scale: HERE.) For our purposes, we’ve widened the scope to bring you some classic tried-and-true Yacht Rock favorites spiked with some tracks that we personally would throw on if we had taken up residence on a boat in Marina del Rey in the 70’s and 80’s. That’s the “Spritzer” part. Lots of Yacht, topped with Dad Band soft rock and sprinkled with some Sweet ‘n Low disco. Just rest assured that it all adds up to one Smooth AF playlist.

So unbutton your Hawaiian shirt to your waist or slip on your pink silk bikini, grab a glass of chilled white wine and let these bubbles float you away into the Summer sunset….


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