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Jackalope ~ Joshua Desert Retreats

As the year draws to a close, the air gets a little crisper and the longing for snowy log cabins starts to set in, something else begins to call our names over here at Sirens & Scoundrels…the desert. It might not seem like the obvious choice for a winter getaway but there is something about the deep stillness of our dusty wide-open spaces that seems to push our inner “reset” buttons whenever we answer that call. The desert brings the perfect opportunity to slow down, unplug and reconnect to some delicious peace that feels heaven-sent for this time of year when we all naturally start to turn inward.

So in pursuit of some “quiet nights of quiet stars”, we set out for our beloved Joshua Tree. Most Californians know Palm Springs as the haven for any mid-century enthusiast. But here on the outskirts away from it all, we uncovered a secret vintage gem to make all your Mad-Men-in-the-Desert dreams come true! Allow us to introduce you to Jackalope, one of thirteen charming desert compounds owned and operated by the lovely folks at Joshua Desert Retreats.

The early-1960’s come alive as you walk through the door of the quaint ranch house, its midcentury décor instantly propelling you back to a more dapper moment in time. In true 60’s fashion, all cell phones and computers should be locked away and forgotten…this place is about being present and soaking in the ambience, allowing it to elevate each moment into something truly special. Nothing makes you feel more classic-desert-chic than reclining in an Eames chair while watching the sunrise over the mountains. Throw some Getz~Gilberto bossa nova on the stereo and let your inner Bardot or Newman out to play as you explore each little nook and cranny…

The grounds offer plenty of desert delights for both levity and quiet self-reflection. Swing in the hammock with your favorite book, knock some golf balls around, toss a few rounds of horseshoes, play cards or board games, or just take a moment to commune with the elements. Gentle winds, soft sunshine, rolling clouds, mountainscape rainbows…it’s all here for the taking.

Later, take a dip in the above-ground pool or soak in the hot tub to soothe your body into complete relaxation. There’s no better way to clear your mind, heart and soul than watching the clouds pass overhead and the stars come out in that Great Big Sky while the warm water caresses you into quietude.

When evening rolls around, grill up some outdoor BBQ for your noshing pleasure or use the full kitchen to create your ultimate fantasy feast. If you can dream it, you can eat it here—as long as you BYO groceries! Just beware of the strange urge to suddenly cook things in Jello molds and serve your friends powdered beverages. More Cool Whip, anyone?

But our favorite parts of any desert excursion are the evening sunsets that light up the horizon in giant swaths of bright electric peach, pink and orange. Step outside and take a moment to watch these gorgeous nightly works of art painted across the sky in real time knowing that (like all  great art) no two will ever be the same.

In winter months, we are blessed with tons of celestial events to light up the night sky, providing plenty of awe-inspiring heavenly entertainment to keep you up all night if you feel like getting cosmic…which we always do. Bring a good set of binoculars and lounge under blankets or in the hot tub beneath the dark inky skies peppered with the light of a billion stars. Seriously, more stars than you have ever seen and so bright, you’d swear you could reach out and scoop them up with a spoon. Frequent meteor showers put on dazzling light displays, shooting overhead in all directions and reminding you that the world really is a wondrous place.

Speaking of wonder…on Monday November 14th, the largest Full Moon Supermoon of our lifetime will make its world debut in our night sky. The moon will be the closest it has been to Earth since 1948, making it appear 14% larger and 30% brighter than any other full moon, especially as it rises. Plan your trip around any of these celestial events and dive into some real-life magic…

Nov 4 & 5 ~ Taurids Meteor Shower //  Nov 14 ~ Full Moon Supermoon (largest full moon of our lifetime) // Nov 16 & 17 ~ Leonids Meteor Shower // Dec 13 & 14 ~ Geminids Meteor Shower (“the king of meteor showers”) // Dec 14 ~ Full Moon Supermoon // Dec 21 & 22 ~ Ursids Meteor Shower // Jan 3 & 4 ~ Quadrantids Meteor Shower

Whether you’re wishing for quiet nights of quiet stars, peace in the great wide open or just a return to a simpler time, you can make all your vintage desert dreams come true at Jackalope! Treat yourself to a little piece of timeless heaven! Just don’t forget the Cool Whip…

Joshua Desert Retreats properties & rental info is available on their website:

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Enjoy this classic fave for your vintage desert listening pleasure!~

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Words by Christina Huntington // Photography by Sarah Prikryl

Contributing Photography by: Christina Huntington

© 2016 Sirens and Scoundrels

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