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As artists and freelance creatives, we know it is not always easy to self-motivate, show up for your art and produce the work that has been calling out from deep within. So we’re gonna let you in on the little secret that has helped us each catapult our creative goals forward over the past two years. Allow us to formally introduce you to Art of Freelance—a bi-annual 10-week workshop that provides the structure, accountability and community to take your dream projects and make them a reality. Officially billed as “an accelerator for creatives who want to push themselves to the next level”, Art of Freelance encourages you to make the work you want to get hired for—by becoming your own ideal client first. We have benefited so immensely from doing this work that we didn’t want to just keep it to ourselves. We want to share it now with you, our awesome reader, in case you’ve had a dream drumming in your heart or a creative vision simmering away on the back burner and you are finally ready to bring those goals into fruition…with a little help from a friendly community of fellow artists birthing their dreams into life right alongside you.


Enrollment for the Fall session is now open and ends Thursday, August 29th. The workshop runs from September 3rd-November 19th and cohort showcases are November 21st-23rd. The course takes place online, so it can be done from anywhere in the world. Once enrolled, you will “meet” with your individual creative cohort through an online classroom for 1-hour each week. The first three weeks consist of assignments to help you define your long-term goals and decide on your project. You do not need to know what your project is before enrolling, the course helps you discover what you want to focus on. The next six weeks are dedicated to creating your project with the support, encouragement and accountability of your weekly cohort. In the final week, you present your finished work during your final showcase.


“Art of Freelance sparked a renewed fire inside of me, gave me an accountability squad of respected fellow artists and helped me to achieve my personal creative goals that had been accumulating on the back-burner. I keep coming back each session because the incredible feeling of accomplishing your dreams in just ten weeks is beyond addicting, in the most life-affirming way. It honestly astounds even me how much I have accomplished in such a short amount of time. But I could not have done it without the AOF team cheering me on to go after it all. I would love for you to have the same benefit of this amazing community full of inspired and inspiring artists to help bring your dreams to life so you can answer the calls of your own heart and soul!”

–Christina Huntington

In 2 years of participating in AOF, I:

  • Claimed my desire to become a director & actualized that desire
  • Wrote, produced & directed my first *solo* narrative short film “Consensual Nonconsent”
  • Directed & shot four individual subjects for my intimate women’s video portrait series “Reclaiming Sexy”
  • Wrote my first *solo* feature screenplay “In Need of Repair” and submitted my initial rough draft to the Academy Nicholl Fellowship, where it placed in the official Top 10%
  • Co-wrote & co-directed the short film “The Applicant”, which was selected for the HBO Women in Comedy Festival 2018
  • Went back to school to study cinematography & graduated from my program at the top of my class
  • Enrolled in photography and photoshop classes, developed my own unique vision and created an experimental Cosmic Love photography series that sold prints
  • Started shooting projects for myself and other people professionally, getting my first paid jobs as a director, cinematographer & camera operator
  • Recorded and released my first full-length meditation album “Christina Huntington Meditation: Peace of Mind”. Available for download HERE:
  • Recorded audio and video meditations that are featured on the Simple Habit App and Unplug Meditation App, expanding my meditation teaching to a global audience


“I have so much gratitude for Art of Freelance as a course and as a community. Each session repeatedly invites me to commit to myself, in a space of accountability with others, and it has completely changed the way I go about my process as an artist and freelancer. For me, the biggest and most life-changing gift that the course has taught me is how to foster an attuned relationship with myself. By cultivating my own personal clarity, I now have awareness of where I’m channeling my energy. It continually helps me to curate creations that are in alignment with the highest vision of both my personal and creative life.

Over 6 sessions, I’ve met so many incredible, inspiring humans that are drawn to AOF that run the gamut from wanting to establish a new career, take their current career to the next level, commit to a side passion project or just want to spend the 10 weeks in community committing to a routine for themselves for the first time. I can’t wait to see who shows up for this round and what everyone will create within this Fall session, including myself. I am always surprised and delighted by what can be accomplished in 10 weeks when you have support, structure, accountability and community.”

— Sarah Prikryl

Over the span of 6 AOF sessions, I:

  • Segued careers and overhauled my website
  • Finished post-production on the award-winning documentary “Family: A Love Story” that is being used to raise awareness for the Foster Care System. (Winner of three “Best of Fest” awards.)
  • Completed post-production on the narrative short film “Lily”
  • Created my director’s reel
  • Collaborated to create three dance films (“Immersion”, “Ritual” & “Christina’s World”. “Christina’s World” is being used to raise awareness for Charcot Marie Tooth Disorder by the Hereditary Neuropathy Foundation.
  • Created a series of three spec ads integrating my dance film background into the commercial world
  • Explored developing a multi-screen video dance art installation
  • Explored developing a stop-motion music video concept for Liz Beebe’s song: “Papercuts”



Some of our close friends who have joined the Art of Freelance community over the years have produced podcasts, albums, fine art photo series, body-positive boudoir photography, original card games, brand redesigns & relaunches, new product lines and on and on. Really whatever is in your heart, you can create! We just think you’re great, we believe in you and we want to see you make all your dreams come true! BIG BONUS: Scholarships are available by application process HERE, so you really have zero excuse not to show up for yourself, your heart & your art! Go get it!!

HAPPY CREATING!! xoxo, Sirens & Scoundrels

Art of Freelance enrollment ends Aug 29th & Fall session starts Sept 3rd. Get more info: HERE.

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Words by Christina Huntington & Sarah Prikryl

Christina’s Project Photography by Christina HuntingtonDominic Lopez & Andrea Osojnik

Christina’s Behind-the-Scenes Photography by Becca Murray, Kelsey Gunn, Sydney Camille & Sarah Prikryl

Sarah’s Project Photography by Sarah Prikryl, Senda Bonnet, Gina Cholick & Elizabeth Messina

Sarah’s Behind-the-Scenes Photography by Josh Yeo & Gina Cholick

“Papercuts” Video by Sarah Prikryl

Art of Freelance Video by Art of Freelance 

Art of Freelance Event Photography by Sarah Ford, Wray Sinclair & Julia Lofstrand

© 2019 Sirens and Scoundrels

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