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Integratron ~ Landers, CA

Do you feel like your life is really missing an alien-designed-cell-regenerating-perfect-acoustic-chamber-and-possible-time-machine-in-the-middle-of-the-desert? If so, we’ve got you covered. The Integratron—that afore-mentioned chamber—is kinda unlike any other experience you’ll have on Planet Earth. People throw around words like “magical” and “mystical”. We’d say it’s insanely cool and relaxing.

A huge white dome in an empty stretch of desert in Landers, CA just outside of Joshua Tree, you could easily believe this thing is ready for lift-off at any moment. The folklore is definitely other-worldly. It goes something like this: in 1953, George Van Tassel supposedly got instructions from an alien race from Venus declaring that humans were the most annoying species in the galaxy because we spend our entire lives being ignorant and destructive and by the time we finally learn what life is really all about, we die. What a waste! Their plan was to help us humans live longer, so we could actually do some good in the world and evolve human consciousness beyond being the bratty teenagers of the galaxy. Tassel’s idea was to build a rejuvenating dome that would slow down our aging process and help extend our lifespans so that we could finally become heralds of decency. Unfortunately, Tassel died mysteriously just weeks before the device’s opening–and the interior mechanisms of the dome were stripped without a trace, leaving just the chamber’s structure behind.

Fast forward a few decades to the year 2000 when sisters Joanne, Nancy & Patty Karl bought the Integratron and turned it into what it is today—a spiritual mecca offering crystal bowl sound baths for the curious seeker. Open by appointment only, you must sign up for a group pop-up or private sound bath if you want to be let on the grounds. Inside the dome, you’ll discover an architectural marvel—made completely of wood without the use of any metal, it’s the equivalent of being inside a giant musical instrument. Whispering from across the dome, you can hear your friend as if they are speaking directly into your ear. Infinite child-like fun abounds at this discovery…and dirty secrets can be shared without anyone else being the wiser.

The sound bath itself is a deeply relaxing experience. The “bath” part refers to the sound waves that wash over and through your body as you lay on a circle of mats on the ground. Seven large quartz crystal bowls of varying sizes are played in succession, each one’s unique tone correlating to our seven chakras. The deep tones ring and undulate, putting you into a meditative state. Some people have reported mystical experiences, visions, insights, transformative meditations or just a really nice nap. Any way it goes for you, you’ll come out feeling relaxed, refreshed, and yep…totally rejuvenated. No aliens required.

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To make an appointment, call 760. 364.3126 or email: Group sound bath pop-ups are $25 a person on weekdays & $35 a person on weekends & holidays. Private sound baths can also be arranged. The Integratron is open Wednesday~Monday. Closed Tuesday.

>>Here’s some Cosmic tunes to set the mood for your inter-dimensional journey<<

Words by Christina Huntington // Photography by Sarah Prikryl

© 2015 Sirens and Scoundrels

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