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End of Summer Playlist

To help you fully soak in these delicious last languid days of Summer, we’ve put together a sun-drenched playlist full of old and new favorites for your listening and partying pleasure! Throw it on, lay back and chill out as you celebrate Labor Day Weekend with your gang! Take a moment to feel the sun on your face, dip your toes in the water & simply enjoy this great gift of being alive. Sending big love for your sunshine days! xoxo Sirens & Scoundrels   Be sure to subscribe to Sirens & Scoundrels for off-the-beaten-path L.A. happenings and epic experiences! Enter your email address on our home page & hit “SUBSCRIBE”!  Follow us on Instagram: @sirensandscoundrels Words & Playlist by Christina Huntington // Photography by Christina Huntington & Sarah Prikryl © 2019 Sirens and Scoundrels

Sounds Like Love!

Happy Month of Love! In these parts, we like to take the entire month of February to celebrate love in ALL its forms. To kick things off right, we’d like to offer you a little mood music to help set the scene for whatever type of love you want to indulge in this month…with your self, with your partner or with the world. Anything that uplifts the heart and soul uplifts the whole world! In these chaotic times, take a moment to reconnect to the simple things that bring you joy and make you FEEL GOOD. We promise these tunes will start moving you in the right direction… DREAMY NIGHTS // MONTH OF LOVE PLAYLIST ~   And stay tuned for this month’s articles on the many ways to celebrate and spread more love in your life!  Happy Loving!! xoxo, Sirens & Scoundrels FOLLOW US ON SPOTIFY FOR EASY LISTENING FROM ANY DEVICE!~ Be sure to subscribe to Sirens & Scoundrels for unique local, travel & food adventures delivered straight to you! Enter your email address …

Sirens & Scoundrels Playlists

You can now find all of our Sirens & Scoundrels travel playlists in one place! Our new PLAYLIST page features our hand-crafted playlists for your listening pleasure! Take us along on your next road trip!! Bookmark the link to our PLAYLIST page for some awesome mood-setting jams right at your fingertips!~ And be sure to follow us on Spotify for easy listening from any device!   Words by Christina Huntington // Photography by Sarah Prikryl © 2016 Sirens and Scoundrels