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Le Garage ~ Sausalito, CA

What’s a Siren or Scoundrel to do when they’re itching for the South of France but also need to pay the rent? Head up to Sausalito and experience the Riviera’s kissing cousin in all its dreamy aquamarine glory. If you really want to set the scene, go straight to Le Garage for a French Bistro dining experience that will leave you asking, “Cannes who?” Sitting right along the waterfront with big white sailboats and shiny yachts glittering and bobbing lazily in the afternoon sun, you can relax with a glass of French rose and dust off those phrases you haven’t used since high school: “Ah oui, Monsieur, je vais tres bien, merci beaucoup. Umm…that’s all that I remember.” Le Garage is a true fine dining experience made refreshingly accessible and delicious. The French owners wanted to bring some of their local comfort foods to the traditional bistro menu. So alongside their exquisitely executed staples like Steak Frites and Salade Nicoise, you’ll also find Country Pork Chops and Crispy Panisse—french fries made from chickpeas. The highlight …

Get Your Meteor Shower On Tonight!

Stargazers! Head outside the city lights tonight to catch the Leonid Meteor Showers shooting their glittering cosmic display across the night sky! Drive out in any direction where you can see the stars clearly and you should be good to go—north into deep Malibu is always a good option if you’re pressed for time. We’re heading out to Joshua Tree and will report back with our celestial findings. The showers will peak between midnight and dawn. We’ll be blessed with perfect sky-watching conditions—no clouds and a newly waxing moon that won’t cause light interference. So bundle up, grab your gang, throw some blankets, binoculars & hot toddies in the car and enjoy the heavenly show. Hope you have a bunch of wishes saved up for all those shooting stars! Words by Christina Huntington // Photography & video by Josh Yeo & Michael Beach © 2015 Sirens and Scoundrels