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The Springs ~ Downtown LA

Happy New Year to all of our Sirens & Scoundrels! The first week of the New Year can be such a rush. You celebrated, made your resolutions and set your intentions for the year ahead of you. There is so much excitement in the air for all the new possibilities at your fingertips. But then comes the part that’s just a little harder—actually DOING what you promised yourself you’d do. If you set intentions around your overall health, wellness and fitness this year, consider yourself lucky because things are about to get a whole lot easier for you. Meet The Springs. Located in Downtown’s Arts District, The Springs is your personal mecca for everything health and wellness, all wrapped up in one cool package.


Just stepping into the beautifully designed, sprawling, open-air loft space, you immediately feel a sense of peace and calm begin to settle in as the scent of fresh cold pressed juices washes over you. The juice bar is on the right as soon as you enter and should naturally be your first stop. They offer a full menu of specialty juices, shots and smoothies using only the highest-quality organic ingredients. Being partial to greens, our favorite juices are the Northstar and Evergreen—both chock-full of nutritious leafy greens and veggies, without being too bitter or too sweet. The turmeric shot gives you that instant-health-in-a-shotglass feeling while still being quite yummy. A lot of thought has clearly gone into the drink menu, with every single smoothie deliciously unique, unlike any other offerings in town. Our favorite is the banana, date, maca Mountain Chai, which is a little bit of heaven in your mouth.

Grab your juice(s)—yes, we are very guilty of double-fisting here—and take a seat at a table, where you can read, journal, or connect with friends. For those who work from home, The Springs is happy to have you get outside and work from their healing space for a change, offering laptop plugs around every station. Since it’s the New Year, we recommend bringing a journal and taking some time to write down your successes from the past year, taking stock of the things you’re proud of. It’s always important to celebrate your progress before just forging ahead. Then take a moment to ask yourself what you really want to create for the new year—not just stuff, but feelings. How do you want to FEEL in the year ahead? After downing those fresh juices, we bet you’re feeling better already.

When it comes time for taking care of your body, you’ve got a million options here. The yoga studio in the back offers yoga classes all day long, as well as a free daily lunchtime meditation. The wellness center offers colonics, massages and infrared sauna sessions. We’ve tried all three and they’re awesome. The Bartholomew Method is a highly detoxifying massage that utilizes warm herbs, hot stones and deep body work unlike anything you have ever experienced before. You can rest assured knowing that every practitioner here is lovely and puts you at total ease to just relax and enjoy their healing services.

Last year, we had the ultimate pleasure of sampling the restaurant’s impeccable raw vegan menu, along with their specialty cocktails. Sadly, the restaurant recently closed for renovations, so no food or cocktail service is available right now. However, we were promised that the restaurant closure is only temporary, as they upgrade for something “bigger” this year that is being played very close to the chest. We’re very curious to see how the food story develops here, since we are huge fans. But for now, The Springs’ artfully crafted juices and smoothies are enough to fully satisfy and keep us coming back for more.

But don’t just take our word for it. Do yourself a favor and head on down to The Springs to give yourself that total mind-body-soul treat you’ve been longing for and start your New Year off right. We promise you’ll thank yourself for it!

Wishing you an incredible 2016 filled with love, joy & treating yourself kindly!

The Springs hours & services are available here:

Words by Christina Huntington // Photography by Sarah Prikryl

© 2016 Sirens and Scoundrels


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