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Oxygen Chamber ~ Tao of Venus

Getting into the Vitaeris 320 Hyperbaric Chamber at Tao of Venus in Silverlake feels a lot like entering a space capsule headed to the moon. I lay down inside and get zipped in by a technician I can see from a small window in the long cylindrical bag. The air turns on and the pressure begins to increase—the chamber inflating with pure oxygen at a rate my body can slowly adjust to. If I was ever curious about being an astronaut, this is as close as I’m going to get in this lifetime until they figure out those day trips to Mars.

I’m here to try out an alternative form of healing called hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The Vitaeris 320 pressurizes oxygen into liquid form so that it can quickly travel through the whole system of the body uninterrupted. Essentially, the liquid oxygen enters your body at the plasma level, where it can provide deep and immediate healing. Each session lasts about an hour, with repeat sessions recommended for the greatest benefit. The therapy is used to help treat everything from neurological disorders to infertility to cancer. But it can be used by anyone who just wants to keep their health at an optimum—because pure oxygen is beneficial for everyone.

Quite honestly, I was a little nervous about trying this out initially—since I have a natural aversion to small enclosed spaces. But I am relieved to find that the chamber actually feels much roomier inside than it looked from the outside. In fact, it’s pretty cozy. The lovely and caring staff will provide you with a soft blanket, which I recommend. You can bring in an ipad, book, or music too. I thought I’d pass the time with a book, but almost as soon as I settle in, a deep sleepiness starts to descend and I feel myself drifting off with a smile on my face. To my pleasant surprise, being inside the oxygen chamber just makes me want to have the most delicious afternoon nap of my life. I go into a deep dark place (but a very happy one) and have to be woken up by the voices on the outside when it’s finally time to go. I must have missed the depressurizing process completely, still floating somewhere in dreamland.

Unzipped and back outside again, I feel great—clear, energized and laser-focused. I’m fresh as a daisy, as if I’ve just awoken from a full night’s sleep and am ready to take on anything. My body pumped full of liquid oxygen, I might just be able to fly to the moon on my own after all—like the Superwoman of Silverlake! At the very least, I can definitely get in a decent run around the reservoir. Check out the chamber yourself to experience a healing therapy that’s out of this world.

For more info on the hyberbaric oxygen chamber or to make an appointment, go to:

Words by Christina Huntington // Photography by Sarah Prikryl

© 2015 Sirens and Scoundrels

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